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Welcome to this tiny place of the Internet

Hello there and welcome!

This is gonna be the place where you can find news and press release about my music. From time to time I could post my thoughts about topics I care about too.

I've decided to put everything I've made on this website because I'm currently working on my first album so it's time to make a step forward.

These unfortunate circumstances we are all living, with billions of people forced home now, are giving some of us a lot of time to think and do something that we really love. For me this means making music and express myself.

We are all living in a difficult phase of history. Staying home is just a little sacrifice to protect our beloved ones. The only positive side is that most of us are having our time back. Let's use this time to understand what's most important for us and be the best version of ourselves.

I know, this is the first post of this website, but I couldn't avoid this topic and I also can't hide that what is happening is also having an impact on my music. Actually this pandemic is having an impact on everyone, to the great people fighting in hospitals in order to save lives, to us, trying to do our little big part just being home.

I hope you are all good and safe. I'm gonna give you updates soon. Keep dreaming and be strong! :)


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