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Debut album "Light in the Mirror" out now

Huge synths, catchy hooks and motivational lyrics, YumeMike releases debut album “Light in the Mirror”

The italian synth pop musician YumeMike just released his debut album “Light in the Mirror”. Influenced by bands like The Naked and Famous and The Killers, with a hint of 2000’s pop punk in the vocals, this album brings some fresh air to synth pop and indie electronic of today.

After more than 10 years playing bass in many punk rock bands, during 2018 YumeMike started approaching music again with other rock bands and eventually started working on his own synth pop music project from scratch. During 2019 he started writing his debut album, which is now available worldwide.

Heavily synth driven, “Light in the Mirror” is set to become a collection of anthems to those who want to keep their dreams alive, infact “yume” (夢) is the Japanese word for “dream”. The pursuit of dreams is the main topic of the album, along with redemption, success, failure, bulliysm, pushing the boundaries and self trust. All these things combined together into his motivational lyrics turn on a light inside of ourselves. Looking in the mirror, it turns out that we can be the light ourselves.

It all starts with the anthemic “Dream Out Loud”, a punch that brings you into his universe. Song after song the mood gets darker, till “Heal and Run”, closing the album in a cinematic and surprising way.

YumeMike is promoting his debut album with the launch of two singles: the introspective “Inner Child” and the one that makes you dance, “Rise Again”. Both are airing on many radio stations in North America and Europe.

You can find “Light in the Mirror” on all the streaming platforms like Spotify, Amazon, Apple Music, YouTube Music, etc.


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