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Light in the Mirror

This is YumeMike's debut album. The pursuit of dreams is the main topic of the album, along with redemption, success, failure, bullyism, pushing the boundaries and self trust. All these things combined together into his motivational lyrics turn on a light inside of ourselves. Looking in the mirror, it turns out that we can be the light ourselves.


Inner Child

The first single of my debut album "Light in the Mirror", out on February 19th. Inner Child is about an imaginary dialogue with your inner child. Are you worthy of your old dreams?

Rise Again

The second single of my debut album "Light in the Mirror", out on February 19th. Rise Again is a song that talks about a future where humanity start taking more care of Earth and people.


ばらの花 - Bara no Hana

This song is my first ever solo music work. It's a cover of the Japanese band Quruli. It was recorded in 2011 and during 2019 I remastered and published it. I made this cover in a period full of dreams and hopes, something that we all should keep inside of us.

Punching in a Dream

The Naked and Famous are one of my favourite band ever. I recorded Punching in a Dream cover in 2013 and published it during 2019.

La Marseillaise Rock

I've made this song in 2019 for a surprise to a French friend of mine. I thought this was a good restart after 6 years without releasing any music, so I recorded it again in my tiny little house. The video on the top left is the original one, made for the goodbye party.

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