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"Here we are invited to delightfully catchy synthpop

with stylish and playful arrangement that should get

most of the synth fans to get up and running in production"

"Yume (夢) is the Japanese word for Dream and

this is exactly what this music sounds like"

A&R Factory

"A perfect mix between the best of New Wave
and the modernity of current music"

Roadie Music


Yume (夢) is the Japanese word for Dream

YumeMike is a synth pop musician from Italy. He started dreaming at the age of 15, when he first picked up a bass guitar. Since then he has been playing in many underground bands for years, mostly in the punk-rock scene. During 2011 he started going solo from time to time, making covers of artists like Quruli or The Naked And Famous and simply publishing them on YouTube.

After many years of inactivity, during 2018 he started approaching music again with other rock bands and eventually started working on his own synth pop music project. During 2019 he started composing his debut album "Light in the Mirror", released on February 19th, 2021. Curious fact: all the artworks of his music are actual pictures made by him.

His Dream is to make you feel something warm, positive and inspirational through Music. He thinks that "Music is one of the few things that gives us the willing to change the World".

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